I like bands.


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Joel | The Amity Affliction
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nothing pisses me off more than the fact that 90% of women’s jeans have non-functioning pockets but baby clothes have proper pockets? what are babies carrying around that i’m not? baby wallets? fuck off

when i was a small child i carried around a little tiny pumpkin in my pockets for months

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Gerard puts so much sass into high fiving people.


sometimes i read some textposts and i realize that i’m not the only one thinking about stupid things and that makes me happy

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today some guy with a mine craft shirt came up and ordered some bologna and the price came up as 4.04 and he said “4.04… bologna not found” under his breath

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you know how much pressure there is on girls to be good at every video game they play, because if they fuck up once there’s going to be a heck of a lot of people saying how girls suck and how they shouldn’t play video games 

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